Star Struck

If you’d told me 15 years ago, when I was reading the Ethical Slut for the first time, that I’d have the opportunity to work with both the authors, I would not have believed you. Last year I helped out at the Radical Ecstasy weekend with Dossie Easton and next weekend I am co-facilitaing Australia’s first Polyamoury Intensive with Janet Hardy.

I never imagined I’d be doing polyamory education with community leader Anne Hunter either! I also never imagined I’d own a home or a car back then either so it’s a reflection of where I was at in my life. I had a pretty narrow focus. Opening myself up to the possibility of multiple relationships was one of the cascading taboos I was diving into. I never thought I’d love women, or eat sushi. But once I started to allow myself to be honest about my desire for the same sex, it just kept going like dominos. I became interested in BDSM, learned to do temporary body piercing at play parties and with partners. I was introduced to the joy of sushi by a friend who was a big fan of sashimi. So by the time I cottoned on to multiple relationships, it didn’t seem like a stretch.

My women’s community was all about smashing stereotypes, lots of voices for femme visibility and trans awareness, really challenging the way relationships happen in rejection of the patriarchal nuclear family. When poly relationships became the new thing, and the book The Ethical Slut was available in the Women’s bookshop, people started experimenting and taking on the concepts of multiple relationships. There was lots of joy and lots of drama, people would come to me with their drama and I became the go to person in my community for advice on poly. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve partnered with Anne Hunter, doing poly education and then we’re asked to do a weekend workshop with Janet Hardy. WOW!

Over the past few months Anne & I have been working with Janet via Skype to develop the content for the Poly Intensive. It’s been a wonderful collaborative process, learning from each other’s styles, experiences and perspective. I’m really pleased with what we’ve created and am really looking forward to working with everyone that attends the weekend to dive into topic.

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