The 15 Biggest S*x Mistakes Women Make, As Told By Men

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you can do better in the bedroom? 

Sometimes we just need to hear it directly from men!

So I posed the question on Reddit, “Guys, what’s the biggest mistakes women make during sex?”

The answers were pretty real (and somewhat funny).

As it turns out, there are some pretty specific mistakes we make in the bedroom.

So if you want to improve your sex life then make sure you’re avoiding these 15 common sex mistakes!.

1 | Bouncing Too High During Cowgirl

Don’t get me wrong, I love to know that you’re enjoying it so much that you get really into it. But, there’s nothing more painful than having you slam down on me after I’ve slipped out. It feels like my dick is about to break. It’s really hard to come back from that. – Anthony, 29

Beware of bouncing too high up and having him slip out.

This can cause you to slam down on his erection (which is still pointed upright but not at the right angle to go back inside).

 When that happens, it’s suuuuper painful for him and it feels like he’s about to break his you-know-what.

So just make sure you take it slowly and actually insert him back in before bouncing again. 

2 | Being Too Quiet 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having sex and the only noise I hear is the sound of the bed. One time, I was hooking up with this girl who was so quiet that I just faked an orgasm so it could be over. I couldn’t even tell if she liked it or not. It was so awkward. – James, 25

If you’re not encouraging him through moans it’s easy for men to think, “Is she even enjoying this? Is she wanting it to be over with?”

If you’re enjoying yourself then make a little noise to encourage him!

3 | Making Him do all the Work

This makes sex feel very one-sided and it gets very boring, very fast. I was in a long-term relationship for two years where the woman became lazy with sex. I felt like I did everything. It definitely took a toll on our relationship. I want to feel like you want it enough that you’re willing to put some effort in. I don’t want to feel like I’m having sex with a dead fish. – Private

According to psychology professor Les Parrott, this is without a doubt the MOST common sex mistake women make.

This type of passive demeanor usually goes hand-in-hand with feeling like sex is taboo or being insecure.

 Part of stroking a man’s ego means making him feel desired.

If a man has to do all the work then he starts feeling like you’re just not that into him.

4 | Being Insecure About The Way You Look

“I really don’t care about your cellulite, stretch marks, or extra body fat. I’m in front of you with a hard-on, so you should know that I’m attracted to you. During sex, all I can think about is how good you look, not whether or not you carry extra weight on your thighs.” – Aiden, 33

Of all the factors that affect how sexually satisfied we are – one of the most important is our confidence.

The heat of the moment is not the right time to worry about your cellulite (we ALL have it) or your stomach.

Having sex is about sharing a special moment between you and your partner.

Your cellulite is the least of his concerns. Know what you bring to the table.

Don’t try to keep your clothes on.

Don’t hide your body — he loves it. He thinks your sexy and that’s why he has an erection.

Sex just isn’t the same without sensual skin-on-skin contact. Get rid of the t-shirt or bra and get into the moment.

Don’t turn the lights off.

Women who aren’t confident about their bodies are often fearful of getting naked with the lights on.

Don’t be. Half of the stuff you worry about your body are things he doesn’t even notice.

5 | Giving Harsh Handjobs and Blowjobs

“It hurts like hell when it’s not wet enough and you’re trying to jerk me or suck me off. The wetter, the better.” – Private

another man said,

“I have no idea why some women think we want our junk pulled off during a handjob. There’s got to be a rhythm to it. Also, please don’t be afraid to spit into your hand occasionally while you’re doing it.” – Dwayne, 25

Put a little pressure on him with your hands and make sure it’s really wet.

If you have to use a flavored lube, go for it.

The same goes for blowjobs – if you can get them really wet and have a nice rhythm – he’ll be guaranteed to finish much quicker.

6 | Not Wanting to Give/Receive Oral Sex

“Oral sex is one of my favorite parts of sex. After a long day, sometimes it’s nice to relax and just get a good blowjob. If she’s not interested in giving or receiving it, it can be a huge turnoff.”-Dylan, 31

There are a variety of reasons people put off oral sex (taste or smell, usually) but do what you can to alleviate any issues that may come up.

For example, shower together before sex if you’re concerned about his smell. Or use a flavored lube like this one to make it taste good.

7 | Only Doing the Missionary Position

“It’s already difficult enough to keep the passion and spark alive when you’re with someone the rest of your life, but it’s basically impossible when I’m bored out of my mind because it’s the same position every time. I’d much rather see her in different positions and at different angles.” – Adam, 27