Eat Pu*sy Like A Pro – Make Her Orga*m In No Time

Pussies are sensitive instruments. While most everything you can do to a vagina with your tongue is going to feel pretty good, it takes a certain amount of skill and technique to get her to grab your head, pull your hair, and scream, “Don’t stop, don’t stop! I’m coming! I’m coming! Before knowing how to eat pussy like a pro, let’s explore the woman’s genitals first.

A woman’s genitals are as unique in appearance as her face. Pussies come in so many
shapes and sizes you can hardly recognize one from the next.The design on each model
is totally different. That’s why it’s important to know where all the roads lead if
you want to get to your destination.

Licking pussy is an oral sex act performed on a female. It involves the use by a sex
partner of the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the female’s clitoris, vulva, or

Of these three the clitoris is the most sexually sensitive erogenous zone for most
women, the stimulation of which may result in the production of erotic sensations
or sexual excitement.

A female may receive these oral sex acts as part of foreplay to produce sexual arousal.
Sufficient oral stimulation can result in an orgasm.

Oral sexual acts are the most enjoyable sexual act for women. They love it when their
pussy is licked correctly which gives them orgasms almost instantly.

The most overwhelming of orgasms that a woman can ever get is when a G-Spot orgasm is combined with a clitoral orgasm.

Now, to make you into a man who can give woman these overwhelming orgasms, let’s first
discuss the right mindset and then we’ll start covering the others important stuffs
slowly.Have patience and enjoy to ride.

The Mindset

An oral pro is rarely without female company because women don’t let go so easily of a
man who can give them great oral.

He loves everything about giving a woman oral sex and spends time learning how to give
her new, better, faster, slower, and/or more powerful orgasms.

He is a student of the game through and through and is always experimenting and bring
changes in his style and techniques.

You also need to approach her body and especially her vulva/vagina with enthusiasm and
passion. Treat her body as a temple of pleasure.

Act and show as if you can’t live without her body. Even fall in love with the scent of
her body.

You need her to be absolutely relaxed and free when you’re licking her. So, you need to
show your passion for her.

Your charisma, demeanor, the way you touch her, the way you make her feel, etc… needs
to be such that she gets addicted to you.You ought to give her pleasure like no one else
has ever given her.

Notice my words here. I’m only using give, not take. You need to first give, and then
what you’ll get from your woman will be unexplainable.

You must be patient if you want to be a pro.

A woman’s pleasure builds up much slower than a man’s.

Not rushing your foreplay or your strokes and knowing her orgasm will occur, sends signals
telling her to relax.

Enjoy yourself, and allow her to feel you enjoying her.

Some grooming tips before you go down on her

– Have a daily shower.

– Brush your teeth twice a day and use mouth wash

– Floss once a day.

– Wear aftershave or cologne.

– Keep your facial hair trimmed and try and get a fashionable haircut.

– Wear fresh clothes daily.

– Keep your nails short and trimmed.

The Tease Factor

When it comes to foreplay and arousing her desire, a bit of teasing and holding off creates
tension and excitement.

Don’t dive in to her and lick like a rabid hound, instead give her some pleasure and loving,
then hold off for a little while. Then continue again.

Don’t comply to her wishes. Be unpredictable. Keep her guessing.

When eating pussy this is an important point to keep in mind. Send her excitement through the roof by slowly and tantalizingly getting closer to her pussy.Gently lick her lower abdomen, inner thighs and stroke her legs and stomach. Take a slow luxurious lick between her legs, and then back off for a while.

Sooner or later she will be forcing your head between her legs.

The delay factor is the most important element for a woman’s body to relax and build her arousal in stages.