Unpacking Jealousy

Unpacking Jealousy  (not currently scheduled) 

Jealousy can be painful and sometimes overwhelming. It’s often raised as the reason polyamory doesn’t work for some people: “I could never do that, I’m a jealous person.” It can certainly be a major stumbling block.

Years of observation and experience has taught Tathra and Anne that all manner of things may get lumped into what is commonly referred to as jealousy. Possessiveness, envy, insecurity, fear of abandonment, lack of self-worth – the list of potential ingredients is long. We have found that by separating out the individual elements and listening to the needs being expressed, jealousy can be a fabulous tool for growth and understanding.

This full day workshop will help you move through jealousy and learn to manage it in multiple relationships.


“Pay its value”
To make the workshop more accessible we’re changing the payment structure. The $50 fee is for fixed costs like venue hire and catering. Beyond that, we’re offering the workshop on a “Pay its value” basis. We will discuss options for this at the end of the workshop, and what you pay above the $50 base cost will be up to you.

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