Mindful Non-Monogamy

Mindful Non-Monogamy, YRT’s flagship course, is a six-week course in which we will explore some of the most common experiences in ethical non-monogamy. We will focus on enhancing our skills for navigating this rich and complex world with confidence. This course is for people who are currently practising or want explore ethical non-monogamy. Here you can gain skills and learn how to maximise the joys and manage the challenges of non-monogamy positively. Bonus: connecting with the other people in the course!

This course is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have discussed the possibility of having an open relationship
  • You want to explore beyond monogamy respectfully
  • You have had unsuccessful attempts at non-monogamy
  • You want to improve your skills to navigate multiple relationships
  • You’re not sure if you have what it takes to do open relationships well
  • You want to know if ethical non-monogamy exists at all!

This course is being offered in Melbourne. We have had interest from other capital cities in Australia; contact us to register your interest if you want to be part of bringing us to your area.

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Unpacking Jealousy

Jealousy can be painful, and is often cited as a complete barrier to non-monogamy: “I couldn’t do it, I’d get too jealous.” However many things may get lumped into what is commonly referred to as jealousy. Possessiveness, envy, insecurity, fear of abandonment, lack of self-worth – the list of potential ingredients is long. We have found that by separating out the individual elements and listening to the needs being expressed, jealousy can be a fabulous tool for growth and understanding.

This full day workshop will help you move through jealousy and learn to manage it in multiple relationships.

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Future Workshops

Your Relationship Toolbelt has many other exciting workshops in the pipeline. For a sneak preview  click here.

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