Coaching involves hearing ‘with heart’ and assisting people to find ways past blocks. An essential component in this is the belief that all people hold within themselves the information they need and the keys to unlock it. Coaching in non-monogamy frequently involves:

  • helping people understand themselves and identify their deep desires, needs and goals without shame or judgement
  • enabling people to listen effectively to each other and reflect back so that each person feels genuinely heard
  • identifying hidden concerns, fears and anxieties that may be inhibiting honesty
  • building on existing strengths
  • identifying skills that could be developed, and training up those skills

We don’t diagnose, pathologise, psychoanalyse or prescribe medication. Neither of us holds a medicare claim number. Our training and experience is in coaching, not psychology, psychiatry or psychotherapy. If at any stage you feel your needs would be better served by seeing a different professional we will be happy to refer you to excellent colleagues.

Coaching with Anne

Anne likes to call her style of coaching “Professional Friend”. Her aim is to understand who you are and what you want the way a good friend does, and to use her professional skills to help you better understand yourself and how to achieve what you want. She carries a strong belief that you are fabulous at heart, and doing the very best you can with the resources you have.

To find out more about coaching with Anne, check out her page.

Testimonials for Anne

I just wanted to let you know that the last session with you was hands down the most productive and awesome therapeutic session I’ve ever had. Ever. And I think the first where I’ve actually walked away with practical tools I can actually use in my life. Thank you. 

Anne, thank you for your care, wisdom and guidance.  After talking with you I feel more confident within myself and more able to be with the changes I am trying to create in my life.  You help me to clarify what is important to me and support me in ways to shift the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that keep me stuck.  You accept where I am at and I feel valued for the person I am.  This is a very special gift you give the world…thank you!

I’ve found Anne’s support and guidance to be genuine, heartfelt and incredibly helpful. There’s not a session that goes by where I haven’t felt heard and respected, and without a plan or strategy to put onto place. The most helpful aspects for me have been her belief in our process, and the honest reflections and insights Anne has offered. I can honestly say I’ve walked away a better person every time.

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Coaching with Tathra 

Personal growth is a big part of Tathra’s life path. She has worked with hundreds of people in both workshops and coaching to support people to grow beyond their comfort zones and act from love rather than fear. She works on a foundation that assumes we have all we need and that the part of us that knows how to move forward can be inhibited by a range of factors. Tathra’s role as a coach is to draw out the wisdom within to make our next steps more clear. She is also highly skilled at helping people recontextualise their circumstances and see a different perspective to regain a sense of personal power.

Empowerment Coaching via Audacious Leadership AND/OR Awesomeness Life Coaching 

Testimonials for Tathra

Tathra, you are helping me love myself, feel confident in myself, and be true to myself whilst staying open and curious to the journey others around me are on.  I feel like I’m getting better at recognising when I’m about to slip into an old pattern of thinking and feeling.  I am getting better at stopping and doing things differently, or responding in a way that is creating more peace and calm and positivity in my life in a way that is more empowering.  

I feel like I am on the right path for my life and that I’ve got tools to deal with the challenges that I come across.  I’m taking responsibility for them and sitting in the feelings rather than avoid them or fix them.  My husband and I have been together for 24 years so we’ve got some real old patterns etched in….but even those are shifting, thanks to your attentive listening, wise guidance and support.   You are awesome.  My feeling for love and connection is better with him and myself, even with the feeling of separateness and pain that dealing with my own stuff is bringing up.

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