Tathra Street

Tathra Street

Tathra is a seasoned facilitator and personal development coach and has been polyamorous for 15 years. Polyamorous relationship coaching has taught her that love is a powerful force. This work has fed her vision to expand the level of love in the world. She believes that polyamory is one way to create abundant love and her personal poly experience has led to an inclination to support others through the highs and lows of multiple relationships.

As a facilitator she is particularly skilled at unearthing the wisdom of groups. Over the last twenty years she has worked with a wide range of groups ranging from activist collectives to corporate leaders. With a background in environmental sustainability she developed a keen awareness of how people change and what it takes to implement change personally and organisation wide, not to mention socially. Her work with people to overcome barriers to new ways of doing things has informed her coaching work and particularly with relationship coaching.

Tathra has develop her own coaching style in the last five years, incorporating all she learned from other transformative education approaches such as her training in the Work that Reconnects and the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. She has a soulful and compassionate way of working with people. She believes strongly in the inner wisdom we all have, and helps people access these innate strengths to overcome barriers and spread our wings.

Tathra is a queer identified bi woman. Her journey has included being entrenched in a women’s community grappling with identity politics, gender fluidity, and dealing with the impact of violent relationships on the whole community. When polyamory became the new black in her community she became the go-to person for those struggling with the challenges that opening up their relationships brought.


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