Anne Hunter

Anne is a passionate Relationships Educator, Coach, and Facilitator. Her first relationship skills course at Melbourne Uni in the early 1980s was the most useful thing she did at uni. She taught Interpersonal Communication Skills at RMIT in the ‘90s and has been coaching individuals and groups in communication and relationship skills ever since. She is a qualified Group Facilitator (Groupwork Institute ) and Cuddle Party Facilitator, and is currently involved in Process Oriented Psychology .

Anne has been polyamorous for over two decades and enjoys one of the most fabulous long-term stable poly groups she knows of. She is co-founder of PolyVic, Melbourne’s polyamorous community, and has been significantly involved in the development of the wider poly community in Australia. She has facilitated and participated in numerous workshops, focus groups, panels, and discussion groups about polyamory throughout Australia for the last decade (including Pleasure Forum and Quench). She has done a number of media interviews on polyamory including an ABC 7:30 Report program in 2013. Anne has coached many people through the fun and pitfalls of multiple relationships, and has co-authored a chapter on poly parenting in a recently-published handbook for health practitioners (LGBT-Parent Families).

She also makes her own earrings.



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