8 Things That Every Woman Have to Do After Intercourse

Most of us never think too much about the dos and donts of inte*course. It is very important to keep your private parts healthy and clean. Most of the infections that occur down there is because of unhealthy habits that one follows. And here are 8 things that you should totally do after making love. By doing so, you are helping your private part stay healthy and away from any kind of infections.

1. Go To Toilet

Number one: do a number one. During inte*course, bacteria can be introduced into your private part. It’s warm and moist inside there, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. If you don’t want to end up with a painful bladder infection, pee within an hour of having inte*course, which helps to flush out your private part. And of course, wipe from front to back to avoid faecal contamination.

2. Avoid Hot Bath Tub Shower

Shower is good however avoid jumping into a hot bath tub. When your V (vag*na) responds to stimulation, it opens a little more. And after intercourse, a hot bath tub shower can make you susceptible to more infections.

3. Chug a Pint of Water

Just like with exercise, you may need to hydrate after making love. Dehydration affects your entire body, so if your mouth is dry, you definitely need to refuel with water. Chug a pint or two of water right after inte*course,it will hydrate you and help flush pesky UTI-causing bacteria from your bladder.

4. Eat Food Rich In Probiotic

What you eat after having inte*course is very important. I know those chocolate chip cookies in the jar look tempting, but we advise you to choose your snack wisely. Your best option is fermented foods such as yogurt for instance. Kombucha and kimchi make healthy alternatives. Eating these as a snack after inte*course can restock good bacteria so that you don’t get yeast infections.

5. Avoid Soap Down There

Not just after inte*course (although your V is particularly sensitive then), but always: don’t wash with soap. Your nether region is a self-cleansing organism and using soaps, douches or other products can interfere with its delicate pH levels. Soap can also lead to irritation and dryness – in fact, as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it near your private part. After inte*course (and always), rinse only with warm, clean water.

6. Ditch the Cute Lingerie

Most types of lingerie are made from non-breathable fabrics like nylon or polyester. Slap them on after inte*course, and you’re creating the perfect environment for germs to grow. Remember, your V is warm and damp after getting down, and that’s when bacteria is likely to thrive, especially when trapped by non-breathable materials. Go commando or stick to cotton undies so your nether regions can breathe free.

7. Avoid Wet Vipes

While it might be appealing to swipe yourself clean using wet wipes, the chemicals and fragrances can irritate your sensitive genital area, especially after inte*course. If you want to use something other than plain water to clean up, try mixing a little vinegar with warm water. Vinegar is cleansing and won’t disrupt your body’s pH levels. Dry gently afterwards.

8. Prevent Yeast Infections by Blow Drying Your Nether Regions

You would be surprised, but many women are blow drying their private part after making love. It is very effective according to some doctors, although you must be careful. Blow drying is especially effective for women prone to UTIs and mycosis.

Before blow drying, wash the your V with warm water. Use cold air setting to dry the area. Make sure you don’t overdo it and ensure the innermost V remains moist. Use a soft hand towel in the end.