18 Dirty Movies On Netflix For Couples To Watch On Date Night

Netflix isn’t just for marathoning New York-set comic book adaptations and cherry-picking the most comforting episodes of your favorite sitcoms. The streaming service also has a nice cache of romantic movies that drift towards the sensual. So when you’re spending an evening in with your significant other, there’s no reason to look to outlets that specialize in that kind of thing. But since some of these movies are foreign-made, independent, or otherwise off-the-beaten path, you may not come across them while casually browsing.

You may have seen a few of these movies already. Some were major theatrical releases; others are critically acclaimed. But I hope you’ll find some hidden treasure in this list of psychological dramas, hotter-than-average romantic comedies, and pleasantly silly erotic thrillers. With these movies, you and your partner can lose yourself in another romance for a while, experience something new together, and ideally be inspired to get creative and stay connected. You could watch these 18 Netflix movies alone, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you had some company?

1. Y Tu Mama Tambien

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Childhood friends Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna broke out in this life-affirming road movie about two bros who take a trip with a mysterious older woman and end up shattering the boundaries between them.

2. Nymphomaniac, Volume 1

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This Lars Von Trier sex odyssey is not for the faint of heart, and probably requires a pre-game talk to make sure that both of you are on board with what you’re about to see.

3. Nymphomaniac, Volume 2

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Ditto on this second installment.

4. Magic Mike

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The men are the central characters of Magic Mike, but their life’s work is to make women feel valid and desired. There’s no explicit sex in this stripping dramedy, but Channing Tatum’s acrobatic dance moves don’t leave much to the imagination.

5. Clouds Of Sils Maria

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Kristen Stewart is the assistant managing the charged rivalry between an aging beauty (Juliette Binoche) and the ingenue threatening to replace her (Chloe Grace Moretz).

6. Blue Is The Warmest Color

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Infamous for its lengthy and realistic sex scenes, Blue Is The Warmest Color is also a touching and troubling story about all-consuming first love.

7. Bang Gang

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An intrepid group of French teens experiment together at organized sex parties, though consequences are looming just beyond their carefree good time.

8. On The Road

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The film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s road memoir features enough partner-switching, casual drug use, and beat poetry to keep your night interesting.