17 Photos That Look Risqué but Are Actually Totally PG

Here’s the thing about these pictures. Technically, they are totally safe for work.

That being said…you might want to avoid looking at them while you’re at work.

‘Cause they definitely look NSFW at first glance.

If all you see in this image is a pair of mittened hands, bless you. Don’t ever change. Also, you should probably get off the Internet, because all it will do is ruin you.

Say what you will about this convenient tool, but sometimes you just need a place to rest your…


OK, you might be freaking out about this picture right now.

Just take a deep breath.

‘Cause that’s just the arms of two couches sitting next to each other.


Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what that mysterious brown liquid is.

This is probably pretty unsanitary regardless.

Hey Mickey, you’re so fine!

You’re so fine, you blow my mind— Hey, MICKEY?!

If you think this picture ruined your childhood impression of Mickey Mouse, just wait until you see this next picture…

Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea? Did no one stop to think for maybe just a second about this design decision?

Ah, finally. A chance to forget about that unpleasant Mickey Mouse business.

…What is this? Why are there children in this man’s backside?!

I’ve been assured several times that there’s nothing untoward going on in this picture, but I just can’t un-see it. I guess the Internet has ruined me, too.

How many cupcakes did you say there were? Just one?

Two girls and one cupcake?

All right. Everything seems to add up here…

Nothing to see here, folks.

Just a pole and a something that looks like a face… Oh, I see. Yes, that is a tad problematic.

And now for a picture of a grandma that will make you want to pour bleach into your eyeballs…

It’s a finger, folks.

It’s just a finger.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s that you should never draw two hands on either side of anything. Doesn’t matter what it is. No hands.

And no pointy things near round things, either.

Unless you want everything to look like a butt…

Speaking of which…

(Get your mind out of the gutter; it’s just Aunt Bea’s lips!)

Oh, good. Let’s get trees in on this scandal, too.

Not even the trees are safe.

But heart-shaped keychains are, right? Surely nothing could go wrong with a heart-shaped keychain? Well…

Alas. I don’t need to explain this one, right?

You see what’s going on here.

Honestly, this one has to be intentional, right?

There’s no way this graphic designer didn’t realize what they were doing.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this one.

As a general rule, let’s all just agree that if an inanimate object even vaguely resembles genitalia, it should probably be redesigned. Sound good?

Well, that was a real rollercoaster.

Why am I blushing?

And speaking of dig bicks…